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Simulating Clock Skew in K8s Without Affecting Other Containers on the Node

· 9 min read
Cwen Yin
Maintainer of Chaos Mesh

Clock synchronization in distributed system

Chaos Mesh, an easy-to-use, open-source, cloud-native chaos engineering platform for Kubernetes (K8s), has a new feature, TimeChaos, which simulates the clock skew phenomenon. Usually, when we modify clocks in a container, we want a minimized blast radius, and we don't want the change to affect the other containers on the node. In reality, however, implementing this can be harder than you think. How does Chaos Mesh solve this problem?

Run Your First Chaos Experiment in 10 Minutes

· 6 min read
Cwen Yin
Maintainer of Chaos Mesh

Run your first chaos experiment in 10 minutes

Chaos Engineering is a way to test a production software system's robustness by simulating unusual or disruptive conditions. For many people, however, the transition from learning Chaos Engineering to practicing it on their own systems is daunting. It sounds like one of those big ideas that require a fully-equipped team to plan ahead. Well, it doesn't have to be. To get started with chaos experimenting, you may be just one suitable platform away.

Chaos Mesh - Your Chaos Engineering Solution for System Resiliency on Kubernetes

· 11 min read
Cwen Yin
Maintainer of Chaos Mesh

Chaos Engineering

Why Chaos Mesh?

In the world of distributed computing, faults can happen to your clusters unpredictably any time, anywhere. Traditionally we have unit tests and integration tests that guarantee a system is production ready, but these cover just the tip of the iceberg as clusters scale, complexities amount, and data volumes increase by PB levels. To better identify system vulnerabilities and improve resilience, Netflix invented Chaos Monkey and injects various types of faults into the infrastructure and business systems. This is how Chaos Engineering was originated.