Version: 0.9.1

Get started on kind

This document describes how to deploy Chaos Mesh in Kubernetes on your laptop (Linux or macOS) using kind.


Before deployment, make sure Docker is installed and running on your local machine.

Install Chaos Mesh

curl -sSL | bash -s -- --local kind is an automation shell script that helps you install dependencies such as kubectl, helm, kind, and kubernetes, and deploy Chaos Mesh itself.

After executing the above command, you need to verify if the Chaos Mesh is installed correctly.

You also can use helm to install Chaos Mesh manually.

Verify your installation

Verify if the chaos mesh is running

kubectl get pod -n chaos-testing

Expected output:

chaos-controller-manager-6d6d95cd94-kl8gs 1/1 Running 0 3m40s
chaos-daemon-5shkv 1/1 Running 0 3m40s
chaos-dashboard-d998856f6-vgrjs 1/1 Running 0 3m40s


curl -sSL | bash -s -- --template | kubectl delete -f -

In addition, you also can uninstall Chaos Mesh by deleting the namespace directly.

kubectl delete ns chaos-testing

Clean kind cluster

kind delete cluster --name=kind