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All Versions of Chaos Mesh

Each version of Chaos Mesh will have its fixed support cycle. As we continue to develop and iterate, some versions will be phased out over time. We will keep the last three stable and development versions in the official documentation, and the rest will be archived.

You can learn more about our version support via Supported Releases.

Development version

The development version is the latest version of Chaos Mesh. It is under active development and may be unstable. It is not recommended to use it in production.

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Stable versions

The stable versions are the latest three versions of Chaos Mesh. They are stable and recommended to use in production.


Release Date: 2024.01.24.


Release Date: 2023.04.13.

v2.4.3 (Unsupported)

Release Date: 2022.11.20.

Archived versions

The archived versions are the versions of Chaos Mesh that are no longer supported. We recommand you to upgrade to the latest stable version if possible.

v2.3.3DocumentationRelease Notes
v2.2.3DocumentationRelease Notes
v2.1.8DocumentationRelease Notes
v2.0.7DocumentationRelease Notes
v1.2.4DocumentationRelease Notes
v1.1.4DocumentationRelease Notes
v1.0.3DocumentationRelease Notes
v0.9.1DocumentationRelease Notes