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Experience as an LFX Mentee for Chaos Mesh

· 7 min read
Chunxu Zhang
LFX mentee

Experience as an LFX Mentee for Chaos Mesh

I am a graduate student studying software engineering at Nanjing University. My research focuses on DevOps, which has intrinsic connections with chaos engineering and observability. To get involved in the open-source community, understand Kubernetes more deeply, and experience the daily jobs around infrastructure, I applied for the CNCF LFX Mentorship in Fall 2021 to work on the Chaos Mesh project.

From a Newbie in Software Engineering to a Graduated LFX-Mentee

· 5 min read
Debabrata Panigrahi
LFX Mentee at Chaos Mesh

LFX Mentorship Experience

I’m a junior undergraduate majoring in Biomedical Engineering in the Department of Biotechnology and Medical Engineering at the National Institute of Technology Rourkela, India. For someone who started to code only because I was fascinated by it, it was all a journey of self-learning, filled with various adversities. But when I started with open-source contributions, it was all very beginner-friendly and I came across a lot of people who helped me learn the tech stack better.