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Version: 2.5.2

Upgrade from 2.1 to 2.2

There are several changes in Helm Charts 2.2.0 release. This documentation introduces how to migrate from 2.1.x to 2.2.0.

Upgrade with Helm

Step 1: Add/Update Chaos Mesh Helm repository

Add the Chaos Mesh repository to the Helm repository and update it:

helm repo add chaos-mesh
helm repo update

Step 2: Migrate the values.yaml file

If you installed Chaos Mesh with a certain values.yaml, it is recommended to apply your customized configuration to the values.yaml of Chaos Mesh 2.2.0.

You can fetch the default values.yaml by the following command:

helm show values chaos-mesh/chaos-mesh --version 2.2.0 > values.yaml

If you do not recognize the changed configurations, you might not rely on that specific feature, it is usually safe to ignore them.

Here is a list of Helm Chart changes:

  • new configuration: chaosDaemon.mtls.enabled represents using mtls bwteen chaos-controller-manager and chaos-daemon.
  • new configuration: webhook.caBundlePEM represents the CA bundle used to serve the webhook server.
  • value changed: dashboard.serviceAccount changed from chaos-controller-manager to chaos-dashboard
  • value changed: webhook.FailurePolicy changed from Ignore to Fail

For more information about the detailed description, see README.

Step 3: Update the CRD

For Kubernetes >= 1.16, you can apply the latest CRD by executing the following command:

kubectl replace -f

For Kubernetes <= 1.15, you can apply the latest CRD by executing the following command:

kubectl replace -f

Chaos Mesh 2.2.x would be the last series of releases that support Kubernetes < 1.19.

Step 4: Upgrade Chaos Mesh by helm upgrade

Then you can execute the following command to upgrade Chaos Mesh to the 2.2.0:

helm upgrade <release-name> chaos-mesh/chaos-mesh --namespace=<namespace> --version=2.2.0 <--other-required-flags>

Ask the Community

If you have any questions about upgrading Chaos Mesh, feel free to contact us at Slack Channel, GitHub Issues and Discussions.